Statement of the political party “National platform”

On behalf of all Ukrainians to the people all over the world!

What is currently happening in Ukraine is unbelievable and horrible. On Thursday 24 we woke up at 5 am in the whole new reality. Russia violated our borders, our safety, our right to live in peace!

Russia started a full-scale war against independent and peaceful Ukraine. We have been suffering from its illegitimate aggression since 2014. For whole 8 years we have been protecting our borders and our nation from the dirty hands of Russian government. And now they decided to conquer Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin said he wanted to protect the people of Ukraine. But we need no such “protection”. Is bombing innocent people a protection? Is invading troops and setting a fire a protection? Is making all the Ukrainians abandon their homes, loved ones and past lives a protection?

People from all over the world! They bomb civilian houses, shoot innocent people, kill children, murder Ukrainian nation. Since the war started, 14 children have already been killed, more than 80 – injured. People were forced to leave their homes and country, other – to hide in bomb shelters and basements from Russian air missiles and military forces for days without water, food and light.

This horror should be stopped.

Spread the information about what is truly happening in Ukraine. How terrible the current situation is. And how ugly is Russian government and mass media that hides the truth and call bombing of innocent people a “special peacemaking operation”.

Russia leaves its soldiers to die, while Ukraine creates a platform for Russian mothers to find their sons. Spot the difference.

Help Ukraine to win this war!

  • Disseminate this post through mass media;
  • Speak up to the people of your country about the truth;
  • Go to rallies and protest against the war in Ukraine;
  • Impose sanction on Russia;
  • Sign the petition to close the sky over Ukraine;
  • Donate to Ukrainian army;
  • Help with provision and resources.

We should stop the war in any measure!

The official links to donate the Ukrainian army:

Best regards, Head of Ukrainian political party “National platform”

Kateryna Odarchenko